Why do people become entrepreneurs?

The best reasons I have are that people can sell any product, or thought you are making a lot of money with it.

You have to work very long days which is difficult and you have to be able to get started with many types of people all over the world.

I myself intend to be an entrepreneur, in IT because you can automate a lot and use the technology yourself to solve many problems so you do not have to hire so many people to make a big impact on the world.



Take an equation, do the invese operations in the function statement to the total, do it under the original function and use I (operator and number) on the right hand side to explain what operation you have done.

2x = 2*x (inverse operator is /)

x² (inverse operator is the square root)

x³ (cube root, etc)

2x+2=4 I -2

2x=2 I /2


to check



x is correct.

There are other type of equations with fractions, where you just get the lower parts to be the same and add the upper things together.

For 2nd degree equations.

x²+3–2, you can use a formula or an set of patterns to solve.