Okay you’re going to have a nice day out with your family and/or friends, but come on. Can’t you walk instead? What about a bus and walking the way. Use your hands, carry things. Better for your health and environment too.

Okay if you want to go with car, try…

Before waking up, I make sure to get my 10 hours of quality sleep with the help of sunlight during the day, exercise, avoiding caffeine after 12pm, and taking melatonin if due to jet-lag/timezone disturbances. Taking a hot shower/bath before bed can help too. Which are from Matthew Walker. …

#include <cstdio>
#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>

// A Calculator made in C++

void Addition() {
int xx;
int yy;
std::cin >> (xx);
std::cin >> (yy);
std::cout << (xx + yy) << std::endl;

void Substraction(){

Sleep is a necessity for biological life, and our daily functioning.

I imagine that it could be possible to make a game whereas you will be in an underwater where little algae and fish could be swimming around, possibly some other zen environment where the environment will help you to…

Vitality, Health & Sleep

How do you live a long and a happy life?

  1. Eat a balanced diet, eat more vegetables, avoid toxic and inflammatory foods. Closer to the earth the better. Ratio of Omega 3&6.
  2. Skip unnecessarily meals, and the unhealthy food.
  3. Make sure you get your vitamins and…

Hey there! I just came back from my morning walk in the winter wonderland where I am. It was really refreshing :)

Although… I have a few things that do bug me.

Why is it so unsatisfactory being ahead of people?

I’ve always felt a little guilty feeling inside of…

  1. Stop worrying all the time.

You’re most likely worrying about your past and your future. What’s the point?
If there’s something up, that’s something mandatory for you that you have to go to, don’t worry about it. Just take steps to prepare yourself.

If you’re worrying about some past event…


Buckle up, this is going to be a long ride. Feel free to have your favorite drink 🍹or snack 🍪 whilst digesting this article. Also feel free to write notes. 📔✏️
Here are some habits that you can embody, and add to your life.

Ready? Okay lets jump right into…


I study ICT and I am from Finland

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