Stop driving your car into forests for pleasure

Okay you’re going to have a nice day out with your family and/or friends, but come on. Can’t you walk instead? What about a bus and walking the way. Use your hands, carry things. Better for your health and environment too.

Okay if you want to go with car, try to minimize your emissions but why not switch the electric or an hybrid at least?

It seems really ironic wanting to be a green or sustainable person but you’re not fully living it out.

If you want to live like that, at least show the effort you’ve done to compensate for what you exhaust with your vehicle.

Not to mention, cars are noisy and smelly.

Don’t be lazy, support your health, support your community, support your planet, support your grandchildren.

Figure out how much you’re contributing and cut down on it.

Save some money too, save your time too. It’s easier when other people maintain those things and you just go. All you need is a little bit of planning.

I study ICT and I am from Finland