The High Performance Brain

Hey there! I just came back from my morning walk in the winter wonderland where I am. It was really refreshing :)

Although… I have a few things that do bug me.

Why is it so unsatisfactory being ahead of people?

I’ve always felt a little guilty feeling inside of me whenever I finish my work before someone else. When I have nothing left to do. Just waiting and seeking out for the next opportunity.

On the other hand when I have a large workload and when I need to create and publish my work I become a really sluggish worker. Which isn’t to anybody’s benefit.

It is sort of surreal you having to be the one to argue and prove people wrong, not to be mean or a bully or anything. But just to get people to get things right.

As I once learned that pointing out someone elses mistakes does nothing good say in a conversation although for performance and work wise there’s always going to be critiques.

It is really hard to manage going to two schools, having a extracurricular activity in the afternoon. As well as being with friends and with a loved one.

And we’re not even talking about rest & free time yet. All of these are very important for a good life. But they need to be in balance.

Not too much, not too little. Just the perfect horizon.

The people, teachers and friends are always happily surprised by the smartness although they can look at it as some sort of pretentiousness but to their demise they’re proven wrong.

I do enjoy the compliment but I’ll never ever conform to it as it would become some sort of bubble which would unfortunately be burst when failure becomes imminent.

You can always do better and improve. For the sake of yourself and others.

Even though there’s always someone smarter or more successful or richer than you. You can’t let that stop you. If they got the ability with their minds to do things. So do you.

There’s neither any one thing to do. You can do whatever you want as long as it abides to ethical and moral standards as well as complying with the law. At least that’s something you should try to strive for in the first place — with the goal of helping and assisting people.

Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we headed?

We don’t know but the ability we have is the ability to form our own realities and use our minds to our advantage.

The world is a large playing field. Don’t become a puppet of someone else’s.

You have the right to form your own life.

Thank you for reading my article.

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I study ICT and I am from Finland