What I try to do to keep myself healthy

Before waking up, I make sure to get my 10 hours of quality sleep with the help of sunlight during the day, exercise, avoiding caffeine after 12pm, and taking melatonin if due to jet-lag/timezone disturbances. Taking a hot shower/bath before bed can help too. Which are from Matthew Walker. I brush my teeth with toothpaste, use xylitol gum (effective against plague), and mouth wash to get rid all of the bad germs in the mouth.

Every morning I wake up, I have my multivitamin as a tab, a drinkable or an as a pill. I prefer the pills as they usually contain more vitamins and minerals. Vitamin deficiency can be very harmful for your bodily functioning, immune system and your general state of mood hence that’s why it’s important to try to have them in check. Vitamins and minerals have massive health benefits compared to having a deficiency of them.

I have my green tea with honey and cinnamon. I eat the rests of the cinnamon with my blueberry yogurt. (Although you should avoid blueberries with dairy as it decreases their effect)

I also like to have feta cheese, olives, dressing with vinegar, in my salad with red cabbage which is known to have the most antioxidants that also doesn’t cost much. All of which boast great health benefits.

Eating green, plants that undergo xenohormesis, environmental stresses that’s heat, radiation, rough environment produce more anti-cytokenes that provide anti-inflammatory effect similar to antioxidants are good for preventing cell damage and hence improving cell functioning decreasing risk of many illnesses and diseases.

During the day too I might have some fruits like bananas and mandarins

I exercise during the day and I like to bathe in the sauna, cold therapy, skipping meals if possible. Avoiding all stress that’s not worth it or needed.

If there’s stress it’s important to have a break and off-time where you can just relax and let go of everything else to reset your bodily systems. Taking a walk in the forest can reduce cortisol, relaxing techniques and deep breathing help too. Lowering the pressures of the body. Tuning down.

;) can make your brain work in similar ways like LSD, but it also helps you to relax if things are going out of hand in some cases.

NMN, resveratrol (grapes), *aspirin, metformin(*be careful of allergies, and side effects), alpha lipid acid are some of the things that David Sinclair has suggested.

If what goes in is good, what gets out can be good too.

But if what goes in is bad, then the output is bad too.

This applies to all habits and the foods which you digest.

Day is filled with intellectual tasks and play that help to slow down cognitive decline and improve general cognitive functioning, music, reading, playing games, talking with people, programming, and learning about such things putting it all together in articles like these. Incorporating such things into my life too where it’s deemed fit.

Being philanthropic can be very good to, to be able to donate and give to other people taking away the aim from yourself to other people and to be able to provide service to other people by the act of creation. When people create they’re happy and if you can provide something to people through your creations you can make other people happy too. Which through in a long term you can earn from in both financial and health wise sense.

Helping people is a part of this, and donating say your computing resources (folding@home) also does have some impact in long term but most importantly for the people around you. If they’re happier, it’d end up as you being happier as well in the end.

Pushing yourself to your limits is what develops you. Use it or lose it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, are very much true for the majority of the cases where you push yourself you become better, faster and stronger than the older version of yourself.

You should commit yourself to learning at least 1–2 hours of something beneficial and useful to you every single day, it’s very important for your cognitive functioning as a whole.

Keeping your body in shape, keeps your mind in shape, and thus in turn helps you to stay healthy. Being open, curious and fixing your problems. Taking the medicine which you need. Always problem solving when needed, putting yourself onto a stage and targeting a specific goal will move you forwards in life.

Facts, and skills are essential to being able to live and function properly in the 21st century. Knowing how to live, and act with people and yourself is an integral part of it. More on that perhaps later.

This is by no means medical advice, seek out your doctor before trying out anything. The content hereby provided is for educational purposes.



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